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UCF Downed by FCS Furman

No, you're not seeing things. UCF lost to Furman on Saturday leaving fans looking for answers.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Wow! After the spring game I knew this program was going to take a step back, I just didn't realize it had it's back to the edge of a cliff. I think it's safe to say that the plunge is over - we've hit rock bottom. I think O'Leary's farewell season is going to be stamped 0-12. Yes, if you had any doubt before, this is definitely going to be GOL's swan song.

I could recap to you how the Knights came out ok, never looked impressive, then lost to Furman in part to a pretty tremendous field goal in the 4th, but I won't. Instead we will talk about the future and the changes still to come (or lack thereof).

First of all, expect to see this "Russian Roulette" of quarterbacks for games to come. With nothing to play for, the QBs will be rotated till someone catches fire (HA!).

Like I said before, GOL is gone as HC after this season. It was really likely before the season kicked off, and It's almost a certainty now. Maybe ol' George can't handle being AD and HC at the same time. Who knew?!

Remember that rivalry game with a specific team up north we all laughed at? Ya, we're losing that game this year too.

At this point, the team needs to refocus on what this season means to them. They've been dealt a tough hand, but it'd be wrong to just give up. This team is young and there is some talent. Bo Schneider shows promise, and I think Taj McGowan will develop. It's up to the coaches now to pick this team up and keep them working. Because if there is one thing that's true about rock bottom, it's that there's nowhere to go but up.