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In Case You Missed It, Here's The AAC's Best Plays From Week Nine

The best moments should be relived forever and ever on Youtube.

Having recently discovered that two of our three conferences put together a weekly highlight video, it seems only right to share them with you here on our site. A quality selection this week, as you can see.

#5 Keenan Reynolds ties the FBS record of 77 career touchdowns previously set by Montee Ball. I have confidence he'll a) get at least one more in the next five games to set the record and b) score more than Kenneth Dixon to keep the record.

#4) Arkeel Newsome. DAT SPEED THO.

#3) Rodney Adams. No need to waste time with offense, just return the opening kick 96 yards for a score.

#2) Paxton Lynch to Jamarius Henderson for the YAC that was the beginning of the end for the Green Wave.

#1) William Jackson III with the Pick Six that was most definitely the four millionth and final nail in Vanderbilt's coffin.

We'll make sure to keep sharing these each week, because we want to make sure the best moments get their due.