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Current And Former East Carolina Players React to McNeill's Firing

Wow, so Ruffin McNeill was fired after a 42-34 career as the head coach of East Carolina. No one among coaches, media, fans, or players seemed to agree with the decision. Especially current and former ECU players that took to twitter.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, there is a coach is fired for a seemingly ridiculous reason and makes the nation scratch their heads in disbelief.

East Carolina Pirates fans and media were not the only people not happy with the decision to fire East Carolina head coach Ruffin McNeill. We at Underdog Dynasty have also expressed our shock and confusion about the decision.

Many East Carolina players, past an present, have voiced their displeasure with the decision with tweets, but have also paid their respect for the now former head coach.

I could literally go on with several dozen tweets from current and former players about their feelings on this perplexing decision. Of the ones that I saw, none were in favor of the decision by athletic director Jeff Compher. But I think that the tweet of current wide receiver Isaiah Jones says it best.

We are still in the beginning stages of sorting through the information and finding out what caused this shocking firing. Whatever the end cause, another football program will be gaining one of the most respected coaches in all of college football. One thing we can say is that McNeill was a man that loved coaching his alma mater.

Stick with us as we attempt to make sense of this firing and keep you posted in the East Carolina search for a coach to replace Ruffin McNeill.