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Three Takeaways from Biff Poggi’s Introductory Press Conference

The Biff Poggi era is officially underway in Charlotte

The Biff Poggi Era is officially underway in Charlotte. Coach Poggi addressed fans, alumni, boosters and the media in Jerry Richardson Stadium today at 10:30 AM.

Here are three takeaways from Coach Poggi’s introductory press conference with regards to the future of the program.

1. Charlotte Will Hit the Transfer Portal Hard

Coach Poggi made it clear that although Charlotte football will look to be highly competitive next season, there are parts of the team that need to be strengthened. Poggi specifically highlighted the secondary as an area that needs work, and stated that he has already had a positional meeting with players.

“We need to play better defensively in the back, and we will. I met with those kids last night in a position group meeting and they all want to be really good…if you’re playing defensive back here, you’re going to need to be able to draw the linebackers and the front. You have to know what everybody’s doing, if you want to play here…you have to be a student of the game.”

Coach went on to say that he likes the defensive back core that Charlotte already has in place, however, the coaching staff will look to bolster the defense through the portal.

Charlotte will lose a few impact players and leaders (seniors) through graduation. The Niners will use the remaining 285 days before Week 1 of the 2023 season to fill those holes.

“My goals here are to attract the best players that are the best fit for this university. The portal has changed recruiting, it is a different animal”

2. Everything Starts With The Run

Coach Poggi made it clear that he intends to change the Niners’ identity to a hard-nosed, run-heavy football team.

“Offensively, we’re going to run the football. It’s very simple, we’re going to run the football downhill. We’re going to run gap schemes, and power will be the basis of our run game. When we do that, they will have to put the seventh and eighth man in the box. Then, we’re going to throw it over their head, many times.”

Charlotte finished 10th in C-USA in both rushing yards per game (116.1) and rushing yards allowed per game (205.8).

On the defensive side of the ball, the main focus will be stopping the run.

“We’re going to stop the run on defense. Our formula is really simple…we’re going to make you one dimensional so you have to throw the football, and then we’re going to light you up.”

3. “We are not rebuilding, but reshaping” - Coach Poggi

Charlotte’s move to the AAC will only mean more exposure for the Niners. Because of this, Director of Athletics Mike Hill knew that the new head coach needed to have sway and respect across the nation. Charlotte got their guy.

Coach Biff Poggi plans to use his extensive roots and connections to enable Charlotte to not miss a beat. Niner Nation will soon realize that the 2023 schedule will do them no favors. Luckily, Coach Poggi has already met with the team and knows that the players are more than willing to buy in.

Part of Charlotte’s reshaping will come through the NIL market. The team as a whole will have an NIL collective, while impact players will likely attain NIL agents to help land deals.

Coach Poggi will return to Michigan to finish out the season, but the work starts now.