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SBN Reacts Survey: Which C-USA transfer will make the most immediate impact?

A few C-USA teams will raise their expectations for 2023 due to new names on the roster

NCAA Football: Independence Bowl-Louisiana Tech vs Miami Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

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If you’ve been hanging around Underdog Dynasty for a while, then you know that 2023 is a whole new era for Conference USA football. In addition to the league shrinking to nine teams, even with four new teams joining, the league is loaded with transfers thanks largely to updated eligibility rules.

Several of those transfers should expect to see immediate playing time. The recent league shift took away programs that had won the league each of the last six seasons. That leaves a power vacuum that someone likely wants to jump on. Moreover, it creates a situation where a new face could become the face of the league relatively quickly.

So with that, you tell us: