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Underdog Pawdcast: FIU AD Scott Carr Talks C-USA in 2023

The leader of FIU athletics returns to the Underdog Pawdcast for an extended chat about the Panthers.

Photo used with permission from FIU Athletics

The offseason continues as FIU Athletic Director Scott Carr stops by to discuss FIU’s 2022 seasons and the recent meetings between the nine C-USA ADs for 2023. Carr also discusses Mike MacIntyre’s recent contract extension and what it took behind the scenes to boost the program’s profile in his first year on the job. A large part of it was the strong connection that Carr and MacIntyre have built with each other over the last twelve months and what that will look like moving forward.

Carr also discusses the changes made to Conference USA’s media deal for the upcoming season, including the plethora of midweek contests in October.

Happy football watching!

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