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A Note About The Underdog Pawdcast

Things are going to be a bit different around here.

On Friday morning, the Underdog Dynasty staff was made aware that as part of the most recent round of budget cuts in the SB Nation network, the Underdog Pawdcast will no longer be funded by Vox and SB Nation.

Those of us that work on the podcast have independent contractor agreements that are separate from our work on the actual site you’re reading this post on right now. As a result, the podcast is the only part of UDD that’s going away. For now, Underdog Dynasty will still exist as a site with the written CFB coverage that you’ve come to expect from us.

Our contracts for our podcast work end on February 28. Until then, we have a few more episodes of the show that we want to do and send the show off with a bang. You can find those on Apple, Spotify, and right here on the site itself.

There’s a few things we don’t actually know at this point and are still awaiting clarity on, specifically regarding the backlog of episodes we’ve already done, which will be addressed as soon as we have the answers.

Obviously, this hurts. The podcast was a huge time commitment for a large chunk of our staff and we couldn’t be more proud of the result. In fact, our downloads in 2022 increased by 53% from 2021. That’s also thanks to the G5 fans who have tuned in and made us part of their weekly routine.

There are many other feelings. There are many other questions. There are, believe it or not, many other awesome projects that we still plan on following through with despite this news. But for now, we’ll simply say thank you, from each of us at Underdog Dynasty for listening to the show and hope you’ll stick with us to see the other things we were working on to give college football outside of the power five the coverage it deserves.

Happy football watching!