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The 5 Best Moments From Old Dominion’s Win Over Virginia Tech

The Monarchs notched the G5’s first win over the P5 for the 2022 season and their second ever win over the Hokies.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Old Dominion Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Underdog Dynasty audience could feel it in their bones: a P5 team was going to lose against a G5 team this weekend. The first big upset in the G5’s favor came before Saturday even arrived.

Old Dominion defeated Virginia Tech on Friday night in Norfolk 20-17 in front of a sold out crown of nearly 22,000. This was ODU’s second win against a P5 program ever, the first being the time they beat Virginia Tech in 2018.

The Old Dominion faithful were ready for this one. And I’m sure they’ll be ready for the next nine years, all of which will contain another matchup with Virginia Tech. For now, let’s think about the moments that are going to stick in our brains as the Monarchs revel in their upset.

5. The Field Storming

Let’s start at the end. When the Monarchs took a knee to wrap this one up, S.B. Ballard Stadium erupted. Fans immediately stormed the field to begin celebrating with the team that continued for several minutes, during which the broadcast team couldn’t even find Ricky Rahne for a postgame interview.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Old Dominion Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

While storming the field is frowned upon by some of the less cool people in charge of college football, it’s the Hokies that might have some repercussions for this. Redshirt senior tight end Connor Blumrick plowed through an ODU fan that took part, in clear view of the ESPN broadcast.

The argument can be made it was an accidental, but you be the judge. Either way, it’s the way that great rivalries gain steam.

*Extremely Mr. Burns Voice* “Excellent...”

4. Elevator Malfunction Delay

After Old Dominion took a three-point lead into the half, Virginia Tech was hoping to reset the momentum in their favor. Instead, the members of their coaching staff who spend games in the booth above got stuck in ODU’s elevator. This resulted in a delay of about 15 minutes to the second half.

No word on what exactly caused the delay, but let’s pretend it was because they pushed all the buttons at once to see what would happen.

3. All The Picks

Old Dominion intercepted Virginia Tech quarterback Grant Wells four times over the course of the evening. It could/should have been more. Lamareon James, Ryan Henry, Tobias Harris , and Terry Jones all had one a piece. The defense’s five forced turnovers were the program’s most since 2016.

2. The Go-Ahead Touchdown

This was the moment that set up the victory. After a close call on an almost-fumble by Hayden Wolff, the redshirt sophomore quarterback led a nine play, 59-yard drive to set up a one-yard touchdown run by Blake Watson.

Watson finished the day with 19 carries for 56 yards and the one touchdown. Wolff finished with 14 completions on 35 attempts for 165 yards.

1. The Field Goal Scoop-And-Score/Choking Guy

For most of the first half, Virginia Tech was leading and looked relatively in control, despite some early mistakes by Wells. Then when they lined up for a 38-yard field goal to extend the lead, we got a taste of how the rest of the evening was going to go.

A bad snap when over the head of Virginia Tech’s holder and the Monarchs eventually chased it into their own territory. Here, they were able to pick it up and run it in for the touchdown.

At the end of the play, we also got the shot of the Old Dominion fan making the choking sign, which will sure be then subject of a million memes over the course of the next few weeks.

Honorable Mention: Crocs Dog

Just a good boy doing good boy things.