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San Diego State defeats New Mexico State 28-10 in one of the most entertaining games you'll see this year

This game had everything: touchdowns, upset alerts, sacks, a bench on a players neck.

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Colorado
Even Brady Hoke is asking “what was that game?”
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the most entertaining games of the 2021 season (yes I know it's only week 1), the San Diego State Aztecs defeated the New Mexico State Aggies 28-10 in a wild late night contest.

*Stefon voice* I mean, this game had everything: touchdowns, sacks, chaos, turnovers, a bench on a players neck...Sidney Applebaum.

But seriously, an actual bench landed on a players neck. And it was his own fault. Late in the second quarter SDSU's OL Dunkle came off the rails getting flagged for egregious unsportsmanlike penalties in back to back plays. But he got a little of what he deserved on this play. May it live in CFB lore!

Kudos to the great student athletes at NM State who rushed over to help him out too. Not easy to do after something like that.

A scene straight out of WWE

Dunkle probably was made about the way things were going in the first half, as NM State came out swinging early and often.

Jonah Johnson played one of the best halves of football I've seen an Aggie QB play in a while, leading 75 and 90 yard scoring drives to give the Aggies a 10-0 halftime lead. The latter of which was after a fumble recovery by Torren Union.

The defense was on fire. Flying to the ball and causing mayhem on every play, forcing their first shut out in a half since 2016 vs Texas State despite missing starting MLB Trevor Brohard who was out with Covid.

Great play aside, this game can be summed up in one word: chaos. There was never a drive or a series without a wild play. Whether it was a fumbled punt, interception, or personal foul.

So crazy was the game that I will need to write another article covering it all. Until then, bask in the fact that the Aggies are the first 0-2 team in the nation! Although they did play a really great first half.