The long-awaited return of Stupid Upset Picks(or, 2021 SUP, Week 0)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome back! This is the post for Week One of the THIRTEENTH season of Stupid Upset Picks. Since two full years have elapsed, here are the rules again, as a primer. Make sure you pay attention, as there has been a change:

1) You may pick only ONE game each week, and ONLY from the listed games.

2) Your pick must be an underdog.

3) No 1-A vs. 1-AA games will be posted. My personal preference here, sorry all.

4) Your pick must be posted by the time the game you have selected kicks off, and you are locked in to that game for the week (so, if you lose Thursday, you cannot pick again Saturday).

5) You are not locked out if you fail to pick before the first game of the week kicks off (so, you can still pick a Saturday game on Friday, even after the results for Thursday are known).

6) If your team loses, you get 0 points. It does not matter if they cover the spread or not.

7) If your underdog wins outright, you get the value of the listed spread - so, if you pick a 7-point underdog and they win, you get 7 points. It does not matter if they win due to a late safety or by three touchdowns.

8) You do not have to play every week to win the season-long crown.

9) If you want to change your pick, please reply to your own post, so that it threads nicely and I can change it easily.

10) If you catch a mistake(likely to happen, given my tenuous ability to read in straight lines and transcribe them), please let me know - not just in the SUP thread, but in a general discussion thread, so I can correct it.

11) If you pick a favorite, I will try to let you know, but no guarantees there. If you don't change that pick, it will be marked as an unplayed week.

12) There will be picks for every week of the season except for Army-Navy, but (CHANGE ALERT) no picks for the bowls - it just feels like everybody is done with it by that point, most of all me.

2019's top 10 finishers, so you know who you are chasing, were: 2019 Champion burrito electrico(83.5 points), MoreGoodHamms(76.5 points), Barves.(71.5), Croftonpost(69.5), Sheep Launcher(62.5), David Rothgery(58.5), Kazoonole(57.5), softbatch(56), cfasting(54), and Boozy McHound(52.5).

The previous champions were as follows: 2018 - RamblerGambler(64.5 points) 2017 - AlonsoWDC(69.5 points); 2016 - mnHorn(90); 2015 - CounterTrap(61.5); 2014 - Illusions, Michael(77.5); 2013 -; 2012 - The Commenter Formerly Known as Not You(67.5); and 2011 - VUfanInNJ(74). Further years back have been lost to the vagaries of time and old laptops.

As there have been no picks yet made this season, we can dispense with the scoreboard and get right to this week's slate of games:

Favorite Spread Underdog
Sat., 28 Aug.
UCLA 17 Hawaii
Nebraska 7 ILLINOIS
FRESNO ST 27.5 Uconn

I'll be taking what I suspect will be the popular pick, Illinois to win over Nebraska.

Good luck, and happy picking!

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