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Ranking Tulane’s 2020 Uniform Combos

As we did last year, we took the liberty of ranking all of the Green Wave’s uniform combinations from last fall.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 11 Tulane at East Carolina Photo by Michael Berg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Maybe it’s because this was a huge hit last year, maybe it’s because I just love doing it or maybe it’s because there are arguably no better uniforms in all of college football... whatever the case it felt like it was time to do another Green Wave outfit ranking. From jerseys to pants to of course helmets, Tulane sported 11 different uniform combinations in 2020 (even one more than last season).

The Greenies had a new look in nearly every game they played. We ranked each of them below.

11. All White

A staple of Tulane’s kit, the all whites made their appearance just once in the season opener at South Alabama and honestly? We’re glad they did. Like last season they rank at the bottom of our list simply due to the lack of integration of school colors. In spite of the olive and blue striping along the pants and shoulder pads there just wasn’t enough here to rank this combo any higher. But hey the Wave went 1-0 while wearing them so there’s that.

10. White Helmet and Jersey / Black Pants

NCAA Football: Tulane at East Carolina James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

One thing Tulane has not shied away from in recent years is the implementation of black in their color scheme and we can see why. When done correctly it gives the team a sharp, ferocious look. In this case however, it was a bit jarring. The black pants clashed too much with the white tops and it just made for an awkward look when the team hit the road to play ECU. Yes the Wave won and yes they only wore this one once but let’s do away with it all together in 2021.

9. Green Helmet / White Jersey and Pants

Coming in two places in front of the all-whites this year is the nearly all-whites. The only change here was the use of the green helmet but with the “angry wave” you can never go wrong. Again this combination was only donned one time in 2020 and perhaps that is with good reason as Tulane lost their lone game wearing it. Maybe we just aren’t a fan of the road colors because they’re so hard to keep clean.

8. White Helmet and Jersey / Green Pants

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - Tulane v Nevada Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

While a lot better than the white and black, there’s something about this combo that just isn’t doing it for us either. The green pants complete the look better but it still feels rather bland for what we expect of the team. Tulane’s equipment crew must like them though because this was the only kit they busted out twice last season. One thing is for sure: they stood out on Boise State’s famous blue turf.

7. White Helmet and Pants / Sky Blue Jersey

The sky blues have been a fan favorite over the last couple seasons and the program has taken note. The Green Wave brought out the blue jerseys (which now coincidentally match the end zones at Yulman Stadium) for a late-season home game against Army. Paired with white helmets and pants the team embraced their alternative color scheme. Get used to the baby blues because we’ll undoubtedly be seeing more of them in the future.

6. Green Helmet and Jersey / White Pants

There’s nothing like getting back to the original school colors and that’s exactly what the Green Wave did in their regular season finale. The green helmets fit perfectly with the olive jerseys while the white pants simply rounded out the look. Another staple of the team’s outfit choices we expect this one to make several more appearances in the years to come.

5. All Green

It doesn’t get much more classic than this. The all greens are always a good choice especially at home. Tulane’s school colors were put on full display when they wore this combo at on Halloween against Temple. Everything about this one just works and no it isn’t too much of the same color. It’s a look that’s simple but also makes a statement. Besides, to not wear these at least once when your nickname is “the Greenies” would just be a sin.

4. Blue Helmet and Pants / White Jerseys

NCAA Football: Tulane at Houston Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

We said it earlier and we’ll say it again; the blue looks good. And it looks really good when used like it was in these ones. The angry wave comes off a lot meaner with a sky blue backdrop on the helmet and the matching pants make the whole uniform pop. To our recollection this is the first time we’ve seen this exact combination (although they wore a similar one against Army last year) and we really hope we see more of it down the line.

3. Green Helmet / Black Jerseys and Pants

Many teams across the country like to don an alternate all black uniform and we’re happy the Green Wave has gotten on board with this trend. Without a doubt this was one of the more complete-looking outfits Tulane gave us last season. Now, the team has yet to fully commit to the “black out” and make their helmets match the rest but if they ever do, we’ll be here for it. Either way this one is quickly becoming a mainstay.

2. Green Helmet and Pants / White Jerseys

Tulane v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Last year’s defending champ won’t quite take the top spot again this time but don’t kid yourself, there bad boys are just as stylish as ever. There’s something about the green helmets and pants coupled with white jerseys that is so perfectly balanced. Tulane looked sharp while wearing them against Southern Miss and played just as great. The only thing better than dropping a season-high 66 points on the road? Looking damn good while doing it.

1. All Blue

Tulane vs UCF Photo by Conor Kvatek/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Here it is, the masterpiece of Tulane’s 2020 uniforms. Last season we ranked the all blues just a smidge lower on our list but the difference maker this year? Those gorgeous helmets that somehow outdid themselves from a season ago. Bringing back the old pelican logo was pure brilliance and a perfect way to mix the old school and modern looks into one glorious getup. I think we speak for all Wave fans when we say that this needs to come back at least once next season.