Post-Charity Bowl: There's no place like home (2021 edition)

The 2021 Charity Bowl just finished and, well, y'all are amazing. The commentariat and literally thousands of other college football fans raised $829,610 for New American Pathways to support its work with refugees and immigrants in Atlanta. It's a great cause, and you can feel good about supporting it.

In 2020 and the middle of the pandemic, we kept the good feelings going by having a "no place like home" week to encourage folks to donate to local charities they support. As we noted then, the pandemic has been tough on all types of charities. Needs have rarely been greater, while traditional sources of financial support have dried up. If you're able to support a local charity, your donation will be well timed and greatly appreciated.

I'm asking you to do that again this year. It's much lower key than the Charity Bowl, and here's how it works: This isn't a competition. We don't need to know how much you gave because we're more concerned with the act of giving. Just make a donation and then respond here with a note telling us which local cause you chose and why it's important to you. I'll be looking to those stories for some good news and inspiration this week, and I suspect a lot of other folks will too.

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