WandaVision half point SPOILER THREAD

Yes, very much a spoiler thread, so avert your eyes as needed. Episode 5 was the mid-way point of the nine episode story arc; a lot has gone on in the first five, and now we barrel to the final month to see where it all goes. I state that episode 5 was one of the most amazing single episodes of anything ever - there's a lot going on and it nails all of it. Additionally, the performances (both primary and secondary) continue to be incredible (amazing deliveries: "Is this yours?", "Stop LYING to me", "I'm scared").

Essentially, both Olsen and Bettany, previously secondary characters in the Avengers scale, did fine with what were given to do, but are now delivering incredible performances in an astonishing variety of situations - sometimes goofy sitcoms of different eras, but also family drama, police procedural, and world threat thriller, all of which have the unfunny theme of "coping with crushing grief".

Feel free to toss in your commentary and conspiracy theories right hyah so we don't spoil things for things on the Fanshots.

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