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New Mexico State football officially joins C-USA

Move ends the Aggies run of being a football independent

New Mexico State v New Mexico
The Aggies are set to kick off a new era in the new look C-USA
Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

A move that has been expected for a few weeks became official today, as New Mexico State announced they will be joining C-USA after three seasons as an FBS independent. The Aggies join Liberty, Jacksonville State and Sam Houston State as the newest members of a league on the verge of collapse.

As most of you know, C-USA has been pilfered during this recent wave of conference realignment leaving the league in desperate need of teams. This worked in NM State's favor as they have been searching for a conference to join since the Sun Belt gave them the boot. It now makes the rivalry game with UTEP a conference game.

Honestly, the news is a little sad as the WAC has slowly been coming together in all sports with NM State as a main member but when an opportunity to make money comes along it's hard to turn down. It's all about those Benjamins baby.

I understand why this move was made but if you ask me, it's a bad one. The WAC isn't perfect but it at least had some good competition in it and had a chance at some good rivalries. This new league will be spread so far wins and losses won't matter much in terms of bragging rights. I mean, who knows if the league will even be together in the next few years? But what do I know? Here's to hoping the Aggies find success in their new home.