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FIU Football: Superlatives - Game 1

Let’s take a look at a few superlatives from FIU’s opening game

FIU began its 2020 season seeking to replace several key veterans from the program’s three-year run of qualifying for a bowl game. In order for Butch Davis’ team to extend the streak to four, new players will have to step in at multiple positions.

As the Panthers’ bye week comes to a close, let’s take a look back at a few superlatives and which players logged the most snaps from FIU’s opening game against Liberty.

Information below is courtesy of Pro Football Focus & my tally from Williams Stadium/Stat Broadcast


  • Offensive lineman with the most snaps played: Shane McGough (56), D’Antne Demery (50), Sione Finau (46), Mershawn Miller (42), Lyndell Hudson Jr. (33)
  • Receivers with the most snaps played: Bryce Singleton (54), JJ Holloman (46), Nate Jefferson (40)
Nate Jefferson played extensively - filling the slot receiver role held by Maurice Alexander.
  • Running backs with the most snaps played: D’Vonte Price (40), Lexington Joseph (18), Shaun Peterson Jr. (13)
  • Top five players with the most snaps played: McGough, Singleton, Demery, Sterling Palmer (47), Finau


  • Defensive lineman with the most snaps played: Kevin Oliver (54), Jason Mercier (47), Noah Curtis (40), Davon Strickland (39)
Nate White was one of nine defensive lineman to play in the season-opening game.
  • Linebackers with the most snaps played: Jamal Gates (67), Tyson Maeva (51), Josh Powell (31)
  • Defensive backs with the most snaps played: Rishard Dames (84), Richard Dames (82), Dorian Hall (73), Josh Turner (65), Nikholi Jaghai (50)
The Dames’ twins led the way for the FIU defense.
  • Top five defensive players with the most snaps played: Rishard Dames, Richard Dames, Hall, Gates, Turner

Special Teams

  • Top five players with most snaps played: Powell (27), Daniel Jackson (20), Benny McCray (19), Jaghai (17), Jesson Walker (16)


Offensive: (11 Personnel) - Max Bortenschlager, D’Vonte Price, JJ Holloman, Bryce Singleton, Lexington Joseph (WR), Sterling Palmer, D’Antne Demery, Sione Finau, Shane McGough, Mershawn Miller, Lyndell Hudson Jr.

Bryce Singleton and JJ Holloman earned the nods as starting receivers.

Defensive: (4-2-5) - Kevin Oliver, Noah Curtis, Davon Strickland, Jason Mercier, Jamal Gates, Tyson Maeva, Josh Turner, Richard Dames, Rishard Dames, Dorian Hall, Nikolai Jaghai