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AAC Power Rankings Week 6


NCAA Football: Tulane at Houston Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone’s played a game! Granted, many of them were rough, but still. We can finally compare everyone to each other, even if the number of games is far from the same. Houston and Temple joined the power rankings, both getting off to rusty starts. One figured it out, the other didn’t.

1. Cincinnati (3-0)

Off week for the Bearcats. Hopefully they worked on hanging onto the football offensively after their four turnovers last week against USF. Up next: a tough Tulsa team that just took down UCF.

2. SMU (4-0)

SMU also had the week off as they prepare for a trip to New Orleans when they face Tulane. With what Houston just did to the Green Wave, expect the Mustangs to put up some points.

3. Tulsa (1-1)

There’s a theme here. Tulsa had the week off to prepare for Cincinnati. A super underrated matchup could make a big impact on the AAC race. Tulsa needs to find a way to move the football against an elite Cincinnati defense.

4. UCF (3-1)

No game for the Knights as they recover from the loss to Tulsa. Good thing too, because a trip to Memphis awaits. Both teams are coming off losses, and are hoping to avoid a losing streak. Dillon Gabriel better hope his offensive line can figure things out, or it might be another long night for him.

5. Houston (1-0)

It took one really rough quarter for the Cougars to figure things out, but they couldn’t be stopped once they did. Clayton Tune and the offense couldn’t be stopped by Tulane, and the Green Wave couldn’t find a way to block the Houston front seven. It’s a good thing they got their first game out of the way, because BYU awaits net week.

6. Memphis (1-1)

We were robed of UCF-Memphis in 2019, so now we get it this year. It doesn’t carry the same weight as it once did, but it’s still early in the season. Memphis is coming off a loss to SMU, and hoping they got their 2020 rust out.

7. Navy (2-2)

After the BYU game, there were many who thought Navy wouldn’t win a game. After four games, the Midshipmen have settled down and have already produced a couple of thrilling games. This weekend they held off Temple late in the game to come away with a 31-29 win, adding to their 27-24 comeback win over Tulane. Either Navy’s getting blown out or they’re winning a thriller. There is no in between this year.

8. Temple (0-1)

Tough start for the Owls. Maybe it was the fact that it was their first game and Navy’s fourth, or maybe this team isn’t that good yet. Facing the Midshipmen triple option isn’t an easy task, but the offense struggled to get going early which didn’t help.

9. Tulane (2-2)

First on Willie Fritz’s agenda: finding some linemen that can block for Michael Pratt. The young quarterback finished 11/25 against Houston Thursday, mostly because he never had time to throw.

10. ECU (1-2)

The Pirates finally got in the win column this weekend, which isn’t saying much since they beat a USF team that’s rebuilding its identity.

11. USF (1-3)

At least the Bulls might have found their quarterback? Jordan McCloud looked solid, but then again who hasn’t against the ECU defense? Still, you have to build on the positives when you get them.