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NCAA Football: Florida A&M at Central Florida Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

It was a wild first week of the college football season as several G5 teams made headlines by knocking off Power Five opponents. Boise State, Memphis and Georgia State are just a few examples of that.

What we won’t see is many of these teams highly ranked in the polls.

We know the AP and Coaches Poll favor the Power Five. That’s why we here at Underdog Dynasty have come up with the Underdog Top 10.

Each week, our panel of voters will give their top 10 teams in the G5. Once the votes are in, we tally them up and see who is the best the G5 has to offer.

So who is the top dog after one week? Here are the results:

Underdog Top 10 - Week 1

Rank Team Points Conference
Rank Team Points Conference
1 Boise State 108 (9) Mountain West
2 UCF 95 (2) American
3 Cincinnati 90 American
4 Memphis 78 American
5 Tulane 43 American
6 Marshall 30 Conference USA
7 Hawaii 29 Mountain West
8 Utah State 27 Mountain Weet
9 North Texas 20 Conference USA
10 Army 16 Independent
Receiving votes: Wyoming (15), Georgia State (14), Houston (11), Nevada (9), Fresno State (7), Toledo (6), SMU (4), Appalachian State (2)

*Numbers in parentheses are the number of first place votes*

The most glaring part of our initial Underdog Top 10 is the UCF Knights not headlining our poll, despite being the highest ranked G5 team in the AP and Coaches Poll. That honor went to the Boise State Broncos, who received nine of the 11 first place votes. It shouldn’t be a shock to many as UCF had a cupcake game in Week 1, while the Broncos had a terrific come-from-behind win at Florida State.

With that said, the American Athletic Conference dominated the ballots with four of the top five spots. Cincinnati and Memphis both knocked off Power Five opponents, and Tulane was impressive in their win over FIU. Houston and SMU also received votes.

The Mountain West Conference was also well represented as Hawaii and Utah State joined Boise State in our initial rankings. Wyoming just missed the list by one vote.

The Georgia State Panthers were next up, just two votes away from making the top 10. They had the most shocking win of the first week as they were a 25-point underdog heading into the matchup with Tennessee.

Conference USA had two teams make the list, while Army is the lone representative from the Independents. The Sun Belt and Mid-American Conferences failed to make our top 10.

Things are sure to shake up next week as there are several teams in our top 10 squaring off against quality opponents. Boise State will take on Marshall, a matchup of two of our ranked teams, Cincinnati and Army will each battle teams from the Big Ten.