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AAC Power Rankings after Week 4

SMU rises, Houston falls.

Houston v Tulane Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

A jaw-dropping loss normally shakes up the Power Rankings, but this week wasn’t the case. A couple teams made statements, one in spectacular fashion, while others are reeling from tough losses. Don’t worry, UConn’s still last, but the bottom even saw a few changes as well.

1. UCF (3-1)

Even though the Knights lost to Pitt, a game they should have won, they don’t drop in the rankings. This remains the team to beat in the conference, and a close loss doesn’t change that. They’ll be the talk of college football for this week, and then we’ll get back to our regular banter. I feel bad for UConn this week, who must deal with the Knights after the loss. Can you say 100 points?

2. Memphis (3-0)

Memphis retains the second spot despite wins by teams below them. They face Navy on Thursday with a chance to avenge their loss to the Midshipmen last year in a rain filled game.

Houston v Tulane
Not only did Tulane win, but they looked good doing it. These jerseys were fire.
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

3. Tulane (3-1)

If you haven’t watched the final two plays from the game last Thursday against Houston, spend some time doing so. Tulane’s last second win against the Cougars will be one of the best games from the 2019 season in all of college football. Now they have their sights set on winning the AAC West.

4. SMU (4-0)

SMU went undefeated in their nonconference games, and it’s only conference play from here. First up is USF, and we’ll see how good this Mustangs team is based on that performance. Given what we’ve seen, it’s the Bulls who are in deep trouble.

5. Cincinnati (2-1)

Cincinnati got time to regroup, and now faces a tough Marshall team. After Temple’s slip up this week, the Bearcats are the top threat in the AAC East to UCF.

6. Temple (2-1)

Same Temple team. They beat a Maryland team (again) that was better than last years, and then lost to a Buffalo team (again) that was worse. It doesn’t add up, and makes things more maddening given how well this team played last week. Our guess is that they’ll still compete in the East, but there aren’t anymore guarantees with this squad.

7. Navy (2-0)

For those unsure if Navy’s legit, this week will tell us. They pulled off the upset last year against Memphis, and get a chance to do it again. Their first two wins haven’t convinced many, but this Tigers team is much better than the first two the Midshipmen faced. Malcolm Perry’s performance will determine how far this team goes.

8. Tulsa (2-2)

Lost among the UCF loss and SMU win was the fact that Tulsa pulled off a win against a solid Wyoming team. Confidence in this team remains wavering, but we may have another AAC West contender if they continue playing like this.

9. Houston (1-3)

Fans overreacted to the final drive against Tulane, but their frustrations are well-founded. This team could very easily be 3-1, but things don’t appear to be clicking yet. Luckily for Houston, you can’t go much lower at this point.

10. USF (1-2)

If anyone needs a win to start conference play, it’s USF. A win over SMU would give this program some confidence going forward, and simultaneously throw out anything we think we know about the conference. It’s tough to see the Bulls winning at this point, but we also didn’t think UCF would lose this year.

11. ECU (2-2)

Well, the Pirates won against William & Mary, but it wasn’t convincing. At this point, a win’s a win, but things will get worse if that’s the standard they settle for going forward.

12. UConn (1-2)

Remember when David Pindell single-handedly kept UConn in games for a quarter? Good times. All I’m saying is that Pindell could have put up 145 yards (UConn’s total from Saturday) by himself.