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Three G5 teams represented in the Week 6 SB Nation FanPulse Poll

SMU finally cracks the SB Nation Top 25.

Tulsa v SMU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Group of Five is finally getting some recognition around the nation.

The latest SB Nation FanPulse Top 25 has three teams from the G5 for the first time this season. Boise State and UCF have been ranked for a much of the season, but the SMU Mustangs finally cracked the poll after two weeks of being in the national rankings.

Boise State moves up one spot, while UCF fell two spots with a loss to Cincinnati last week. SMU’s inclusion makes it three teams in the G5 with Memphis and Cincinnati also receiving votes.

As has been the case for much of the season, there are some teams ranked that leave you scratching your head. Let’s start with Oklahoma State making the list despite a loss to Texas Tech and not being in the FanPulse Poll last week. I’m a big fan of Chubba Hubbard, but they have no business being on this list. The same goes for Washington somehow falling just two spots after a loss to Stanford this week.

Lets give credit to the voters at Underdog Dynasty for doing their part to get the G5 teams in the poll. Below are the results from our readers.

UDD Week 6 FanPulse Poll Results

Rank Team
Rank Team
1 Alabama
2 Clemson
3 Ohio State
4 Georgia
6 Oklahoma
7 Wisconsin
8 Florida
9 Notre Dame
10 Penn State
11 Texas
12 Auburn
13 Boise State
14 Oregon
15 Michigan
16 Utah
17 Iowa
18 Washington
19 Wake Forest
20 SMU
21 Arizona State
22 Memphis
23 Virginia
24 Baylor
25 App State

Our voters had four G5 teams make the rankings, but UCF was not one of them. Memphis and App State join Boise State and SMU in the UDD FanPulse Top 25. I want to commend our readers for doing their part to make sure the G5 gets a fair shot in these rankings. It has been a long time coming to get three teams in this poll.

If you would like your voice to be heard in the weekly Top 25, you can SIGN UP HERE. The more G5 representatives, the better.