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A Mid-Season Perspective on NM State Football: A Change is Needed at Offensive Coordinator

The offense has gone stale and the team is undisciplined.

NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Before we begin, I’d like to make a few things clear.

First, the Aggies are 0-6. They haven’t won a game and so I’m just going to go ahead and take the bye week early and write something different instead of my typical game previews.

Second, I am a fan of Doug Martin. Any guy who voluntarily takes on tough jobs knowing that there is very little glory or spotlight that go along with it earn my respect. Guys who can turn around hopeless programs earn my respect even more so.

That’s why it is with a little disappointment that I write this. Not in Doug Martin but in myself for giving up faith. But it is time. Time for a fresh perspective on how plays are called in Las Cruces. I’m not alone, sing it Brandon Urie.

I know you want to run a pass first offense but it’s just not working. I like Josh Adkins but he’s struggling. He’s throwing picks. He’s getting sacked. It’s not all his fault but when the other team knows you’re throwing it’s pretty obvious what to call.

So that brings us to our solution. Run the ball!

Your two most athletic players are your running backs. Jason Huntley and Christian Gibson are both capable of busting out 100 yard games every week and should be given more than just a few rushes a game.

NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Alabama
Huntley has averaged over six yards per carry this season despite being used very little.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

I mean, the stats don’t lie. When Huntley averages more than six yards per carry, you should use him a lot more. Fans would thank you. Huntley would thank you. Josh Adkins would thank you.

Please give up the offensive play calling and focus on being the head coach. Not only is the play calling suffering, but the team’s discipline is as well.

The Aggies have turned the ball over 17 times this season. Through six games. That’s nearly three turnovers per game. NMSU has only created three turnovers for a margin of -14. Part of that is being careless, part of that is on the play calling.

Again, when teams know you are passing because you don’t run a balanced offense, they are able to anticipate and cause problems.

So please, Doug Martin. Help your team. Help your fans. Run the ball.