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Underdog Top 10: Week 1 Rankings

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The top two remain the same, but we have a big surprise at No. 3.

NCAA Football: Navy at Hawaii Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 of the college football season is in the books and we had our share of upsets, as well as some head scratchers inside the Group of Five.

Our panel of writers ranks the top 10 G5 teams each week, and here are our rankings following the first week of action:

Underdog Top 10 - Week 1

Rank Team Points Conference
Rank Team Points Conference
1 Boise State 89 (9) Mountain West
2 UCF 82 (1) American
3 Hawaii 50 Mountain West
4 Memphis 48 American
5 Fresno State 43 Mountain West
6 App State 37 Sun Belt
7 Houston 27 American
8 Toledo 25 Mid-American
9 USF 23 American
10 Arkansas State 18 Sun Belt
Cincinnati, North Texas, San Diego State and FAU also received votes.

The voters are a bit all over the place, which is expected after only one week of action, but only 14 teams received votes. Boise State and UCF are way out in front, with the Broncos tallying all but one first-place vote.

The biggest jump goes to Hawaii, as they jumped from an unranked team to No. 3 in the rankings. The Rainbow Warriors have been impressive in dismantling Colorado State and Navy in the first two weeks. Personally, I think that’s a bit high for them, but they are definitely deserving of being ranked.

Fresno State was the only other team to be featured on every voter’s ballot, giving the Mountain West three of the top five spots in the rankings.

FAU, who was ranked highly in our preseason rankings, nosedived out of latest poll after their 63-14 loss to Oklahoma. Conference USA is the only G5 conference that’s not represented on the latest list.

Special thanks to our voting panel

Joe Broback, Underdog Dynasty

Joe Serpico, Underdog Dynasty

Clayton Trutor, Down The Drive

Jeremy Mauss, Mountain West Wire

Cyrus Smith, Underdog Dynasty

Jared Kalmus, Underdog Dynasty

Mike Wittman, Mountain West Connection

Tanner Spearman, Underdog Dynasty

Damien Alambra, One Bronco Nation Under God