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AAC Power Rankings Week 4

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SMU might be better than we thought. UCF is for real.

NCAA Football: Navy at Southern Methodist Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

There was plenty of movement in the power rankings from last week. No change at the top spot, but the bottom six continue to fluctuate. There seems to be some depth developing in this conference as we head to conference play, which will lead to some great matchups in the future.

1. UCF (3-0)

If someone can figure out how to stop the Knights offense, they’re way ahead of everyone else. FAU found out how good UCF was on Friday, and couldn’t keep pace with an offense that could be better than last year.

2. Cincinnati (4-0)

Adversity hit the Bearcats hard Saturday against Ohio, but this team never gave up. A 24-7 halftime deficit wasn’t enough to deter Cincinnati, who outscored the Bobcats 27-6 in the second half to win.

3. USF (4-0)

Another disappointing performance, but this time against one of the worst teams in the conference in ECU. USF better get back to how they played the first two games, otherwise a division title won’t be possible.

4. Houston (3-1)

It was only a matter of time before the backups came in. Houston’s offense couldn’t be stopped, and scored 70 points for the first time since 2011.

5. Memphis (3-1)

It’s a good thing the Tigers offense came to play, because the defense didn’t.

6. SMU (1-3)

Maybe we overreacted to SMU’s 0-3 start. So why not compensate by overreacting to their first win of the season? Losing to North Texas, TCU, and Michigan don’t seem so bad right now.

7. Navy (2-2)

Anyone believe that Navy was actually better than Memphis still? More importantly, do the Midshipmen have a quarterback controversy?

8. Temple (2-2)

Neither Tulsa nor Temple looked even average on offense. Temple’s defense ended up being the difference, scoring twice.

9. Tulane (1-3)

Just like that, the Green Wave have three losses, and wins don’t appear to be easy in the future either. This has been arguably the biggest disappointment in the conference thus far.

10. ECU (1-2)

A tough loss, but the Pirates are showing that they can play some defense this year. Which has been weird to watch. ECU and defense don’t really go together.

11. Tulsa (1-3)

While we were all worried about another Montgomery coaching the #10 team in these rankings, this team’s Montgomery could be the one we really should have worried about.

12. UConn (1-3)

David Pindell continues to do everything he can to keep UConn in games, but the Huskies defense lets things get out of hand too quickly.