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A Texas State collapse leads to a South Alabama 41-31 win

The Jags come from behind in spectacular fashion dashing the Bobcats’ hope for a 2-1 start.

South Alabama coach Steve Campbell notched his first victory in Mobile despite three different double-digit deficits, as Texas State drops a heartbreaking game, 41-31.

On paper the Bobcats dominated. Texas State held the ball 13 minutes more than South ‘Bama, the Jags committed 15 penalties for a whopping 143 yards and the defense held the Jags to only two third-down conversions.

After the Bobcats and Jaguars exchanged similar drives (muffed punts leading to field goals) Texas State’s defense had an impressive showing flexing the hit stick and holding the Jaguars to 3.8 yards a carry in the first half.

Bobcats quarterback Willie Jones III broke a 50-yard touchdown run and threw two more scores before midway through the third quarter he injured his ankle limiting his mobility. Texas State continued using the option read despite the running ability of WJIII being severely weakened by his leg injury.

South Alabama quarterback Evan Orth, who earned the start threw for 266 yards and two touchdowns engineering a game winning drive hitting Jordan McCray for a 23 yard touchdown strike with 1:49 left.

After a dominating the first half Texas State scored on their first drive of the third quarter and that’s when their 31-16 lead dwindled. The ‘Cats would punt twice, throw two interceptions including Texas State backup QB Tyler Vitt getting picked off for a touchdown and had a James Sherman field goal blocked.

South Alabama ended the game with 25-point unanswered points, making up for the three fumbles they lost in the game.

Next up for the Jaguars is a tough road match against Memphis and the Bobcats have the I-35 rivalry contest against the Roadrunners of UTSA.