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Playing for More: A Case Keenum Q&A

Houston’s greatest quarterback sits down with Underdog Dynasty to discuss a new beginning

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TicketCity Bowl - Houston v Penn State Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Case Keenum set records at the University of Houston, threw one of the most notable passes in NFL history, and now finds himself as the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. He also finds himself in another new territory: author. Keenum is publishing a book about his experiences as a football player, and there are plenty of moments that fans certainly want to know more about. The book, Playing for More, releases September 4th. Keenum sat down with Underdog Dynasty to talk about the book, his time at Houston, and a few other topics. Here’s what the former Cougars star had to say.

Joe Broback: What inspired you to write Playing for More? What do you hope this book accomplishes for its readers?

Case Keenum: That’s a great question. You know, we were talking about the (Minneapolis) Miracle, and last year. I enjoyed it at the time, but obviously ended on a sour note. I wanted be able to go back and write down, all my thoughts, experiences, and feelings that happened and that God has shown me. To be able to come back and relive it through the book, it was cool to see it on paper. The reason I wrote it to encourage and challenge people. Maybe someone else has gone through a similar situation, and read something and be encouraged by it. If one person gets one thing out of it, then it’s great.

JB: You mentioned in your Players Tribune article that all you’ve ever known is proving it. Explain how being in that situation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

CK: I think playing with nothing to lose is important. I think you have a mindset of that everyday you go out. You never know what day might be your last and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed no matter what business you’re in. I think living life like that is important no matter what you do.

JB: Injuries have almost halted your career as a quarterback. What kept you fighting during those times?

CK: The simplest answer that I can give you is my faith. Making sure that I know that I’m not an athlete who happens to be a Christian. I’m a Christian that happens to be an athlete. I know that the most important things in my life are my faith and my family. Those things are more important than winning and losing or whether you’re hurt or not. Keep those in your mind and you’ll have a good foundation to let it loose and play.

JB: On the flip side, it seems these days that it’s easy for people to change with success. How do you stay humble even with all of these great things happening?

CK: Realizing where it comes from. God’s given me this ability. I’ve worked hard and put a lot into it, but it’s been given to me and it’s a team game. It’s not just me and what I’ve done. It’s my whole team, my teammates, my coaches, and my family. Everyone that’s believed in me keeps things in perspective.

JB: How do you keep things fun even when football is your job?

CK: It’s definitely easy to lose sight of having fun. It’s a tough job. People’s lives and careers support their families. We’re in a business of generational changing wealth. I know the NFL is a business, but I’m just blessed to play a big kids game. It’s pretty cool the opportunity that I have. Just remembering that and having people in my life that will help me remember that is important.

JB: How did playing in Houston help you in the NFL?

CK: I learned a lot from my coaches in my time at Houston. I learned something from every single one of my coaches. I tell people that I’ll never forget where I came from no matter where I am or I end up. I think it’s always important to remember your roots. I say it in the book that I’ll always rep H-Town hard. I’ve become an adopted Houstonian and I’ll always remember where I came from.

CK: JB: What are your thoughts on Ed Oliver?

I just watched his games and I’ve met him one time. He’s a talented player, and we don’t have guys come by like that to UH, especially on the defensive side of the ball. He’s a game changer type guy. It’s been fun to watch him, and I’m excited to see where he ends up. I’m hoping that if he’s not on my team that he’s not in my division.