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Q&A with ULM Warhawks receiver Marcus Green

Marcus Green has garnered buzz for next year’s draft but for now the senior is locked in on taking ULM to the top of the Sun Belt.

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Very few players or teams in the history of the ULM football program have gathered national awards or recognition. The team did win a Division II national championship in 1987, but since transitioning to FBS football, the Warhawks have only one a single conference title and lost to Ohio 14-45 in their only bowl appearance in 2012.

A notable achievement in the program’s history are their two All-American team selections, one of whom is on the roster now. 2017 FWAA second-team All-American Marcus Green is one of the most dynamic players you will ever see, and is a guy that has been noted as a sleeper in next year’s NFL Draft class.

As a senior, Marcus is the leader of a receiving group that is being called the deepest in the Sun Belt conference, as well as being a focal point in an offense that led the league in scoring in 2017. Green led the conference in all-purpose yards with 167.3 per game. That number also placed him third in all of college football.

Heading into 2018, Green and the Warhawk offense have a lot of eyes on them. After a much improved 2017 campaign, Matt Viator’s team is a heavy pick to reach the conference’s first ever title game and many expect this team to lead ULM to its second ever bowl appearance.

As a senior leader on this team, Marcus Green is expected to shoulder a big portion of the offensive load as ULM looks to live up to the preseason hype. Marcus graciously took a few moments to speak with me regarding his expectations for himself, and those surrounding his team.

Jacob Young: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. First off, I wanted to talk to you about the expectations surrounding your team this year. This is arguably the most hype surrounding the program we’ve ever seen around here. How are you guys handling that?

Marcus Green: As a team we just have tunnel vision. I always preach to my team “Performance over hype,” because if you don’t perform or live up to the expectations then the hype doesn’t matter.

Jacob: This year marks the first-ever Sun Belt Championship Game. As a senior, what would it mean to you to get the opportunity to be apart of that history?

Marcus: It would mean a lot to me to be able to compete for a Sun Belt title. Instead of taking the top team in the conference and automatically giving it to them because of their record, now they are letting the top two schools go at it. That’s how it should’ve been a long time ago.

Jacob: So last season you were named second-team All-American as an all-purpose player, second only to Saquon Barkley who went on to be the number two pick in the draft. What does that honor mean to you?

Marcus: It’s an honor to have my name even mentioned in the same category as Saquon Barkley, who I just watched run the ball really well tonight. It’s a blessing and now that I’ve set a standard for myself it’s only right that I push myself to be a first team All-American.

Jacob: How do you plan to achieve that and help push the league’s number one offense to even further heights?

Marcus: As a leader on this team, a lot of the players including the young ones watch my every move. With that being said I just have to bring the energy every day and lead by voice and by example. I feel that everyone is all in this year.

Jacob: One last question for you, where do you see this program headed as you wrap up your ULM career as the Matt Viator era hits its stride?

Marcus: Coach Viator has brought this program a long way. Our win column doesn’t show, but this new staff has changed the culture and the expectations of ULM football. It’s only right that we put it all together on the field. This program has a very bright future with the younger guys that are learning from us older guys.

Once again I want to thank Marcus for taking the time to speak with me. Make sure to follow him on Twitter @Loaded_MAG3 and be on the lookout for the Warhawks this season as he chases another All-American selection.