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Underdog Dynasty Roundtable: Should G5 conferences want a 6 or 8 team playoff

The staff weighs in on what’s been the most popular topic during media days.

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Auburn v Central Florida Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Throughout media days the hot topic has been should the College Football Playoff expand to six or eight teams. Head coaches such as Scot Frost and Jim Harbaugh have advocated that eight teams is the way to go. Few P5 head coaches have acknowledged G5 conferences when discussing CFP expansion.

In our slack room the staff discussed which outcome would be best for the inclusion of G5 conferences into the College Football Playoff: Six teams or eight teams?

Josh Farnsworth: I believe 8. Based on how playoff bylaws could be written, could mean auto bid and perhaps some wiggle room for one of the wild cards if another G5 team goes undefeated or wins their conference with a win over a P5.

Nicholas Armstrong: I think 6 if at least one guaranteed G5 team regardless of Top 25 ranking.

Tanner Spearman: I don’t think we’re getting a guaranteed G5 spot without 8 teams.

Joe Serpico: I agree.

Josh Farnsworth: Yeah, I think 6 leaves it open for Notre Dame and other power schools to loophole their way in.

Nicholas Armstrong: Why would 6 not get a guaranteed G5 spot? I’m open to having my mind changed, but I’m worried that 8 might be too much for the players. Too many games is a safety issue plus the games lose their gleam.

Joe Serpico: It’s one more game. Most of these guys are playing in all star games and stuff like that right after the bowls. Same risk of getting injured.

Michael Settle Jr.: I don’t think 6 would guarantee the G5 a spot at all. 8 would at least get them 1 auto bid.

Tanner Spearman: An 8-team playoff is the same number of games as a 6-team playoff unless you’re #1 or #2.

Nicholas Armstrong: I could see an 8 team playoff working, but I still like the idea of 6 because it would be more elite if we could get a G5 team in there and win. If 8 guarantees it then I’m on board, but if 6 does too I prefer that.

Tanner Spearman: I mean hell I’d be fine with 2 if one of them is G5 lol

Nicholas Armstrong: Lol guess that’s true!

Joe Broback: I don’t want a guaranteed spot for the G5. It can be reserved for a G5 but I don’t want another 8-4 UConn getting in just to get killed.

Kyle Dubbels: I think the playoff should stay 4 teams to be honest.

Joe Serpico: Alright we got our guy to make this a full round table lol.

Kyle Dubbels: I hate to be “that guy” but I think expanding lets in teams who don’t deserve to be in, even though the current system is skewed towards the Alabama’s of the world.

Joe Broback: Can I be the guy that wants 64 teams in the playoff?

Nicholas Armstrong: We only need a guy for 32 now and we will have the full discussion lol.

Joe Broback: All 130 teams. No regular season. Single elimination tournament the whole year. Boom.