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Underdog Pawdcast: Talking P6 with AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco

#JoeTalk welcomes Mike Aresco to the pawdcast to talk P6 movement, his thoughts on sports gambling and more.

Mike Aresco

We are back with another episode of #JoeTalk, and we are excited to have the American Athletic Conference Commissioner Mike Aresco join us.

Here are some topics we touched on in this episode:

  • What UCF’s national championship claim has done for the program and the entire conference.
  • The Commish explains the new media contract between Navy and CBS Sports, and what’s ahead once the current deal with ESPN expires.
  • Temple and USF are currently looking to build on-campus stadiums. Does the conference have any influence on these potential projects?
  • Is there any talk of a neutral site for the conference championship game?
  • Commissioner’s thoughts on Supreme Court’s decision regarding sports gambling.
  • How AAC basketball has grown with the addition of Wichita State and some high-profile coaches.