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NMSU Football: Top 10 Plays of 2017; #9

Play #9 takes us back to week 4 when the Aggies reclaimed the Brass Spittoon and Silver Spade!

NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Texas A&M Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Sunday, everyone! Welcome back to the next installment of the Top 10 Plays for the New Mexico State Aggies in 2017! Today we go back to the week four beatdown of UTEP and how that game got broke wide open.

How Plays Were Chosen

As before, To put together this list, I compiled a list of all the big plays made by the Aggies throughout the 2017 season. I then took those plays and organized them by how important they were in terms of in game importance. I then looked at how their heroics helped shape NMSU’s run to a bowl victory.

So, without further ado, here’s the Top 10 Plays of 2017, continuing with number 9!

Larry Rose III’s Improbable “Dip-Duck-Cut” TD Run

The play, which begins 1:45 in to the video, shifted momentum versus UTEP and helped break the game open. While the Aggies ended up destroying the Miners 41-14, the game got off to a back and forth start with neither team being able to do much.

LRIII changed that.

Putting the team on his back, Rose somehow avoided four tacklers (two in the backfield) and took the ball 28 yards for the touchdown to cap a 97 yard drive and put the Aggies up 14-7.

From that point on it was all Aggies. Shamad Lomax had three interceptions and we helped force Sean Kugler out of a job.

Never have I seen a run so amazing.