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NM State Football: Top 10 Plays of 2017; #2

The defensive play of the year comes in at #2 in our countdown.

NCAA Football: Arizona Bowl-New Mexico State vs Utah State
O.J. Clark (left), Terrill Hanks (center), Shane Jackson (right)
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Terrill Hanks is a beast. If you watch NMSU football, you already know that. He constantly makes plays and seems to always be around the ball. But the play he made vs. Utah State, which happens to be our #2 play on the countdown, tops them all.


Because nobody saw it coming. Not even USU’s QB.

You’ll find the play 4:25 into the video above. Utah State has the ball with a 1st and Goal at the NMSU 1 yard line. For whatever reason, they decided to run an option but Hanks wasn’t having it.

Instead of an easy walk in TD, Hanks somehow dodged a blocker, deflected the pitch and recovered it 10 yards away. I honestly don’t this the QB thought he could get it.

I can say with confidence that this is one of the most impressive defensive plays I’ve ever seen in my life. And how fitting is it that it helped NMSU win the Arizona Bowl?

I still get chills from watching it!

That leaves us with ONE MORE play to finish the countdown. Check back in on Friday to see which one tops the charts!