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NMSU Football: Top 10 Plays of 2017; #5

Play #5 gets taken to the house

NCAA Football: Arizona Bowl-New Mexico State vs Utah State
Taking it to the HOUSE!
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

A kickoff return in a football game is probably one of the most exciting things that can happen. Returns usually only go about 20-30 yards and end in a large mass of people. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. Sometimes the man breaks through and takes it all the way to the house. Sometimes that happens in a bowl. And sometimes, that even happens twice in consecutive plays. That’s where play #5 happened.

How Plays Were Chosen

Y’all know my schpeal by now.

“Returning” the Favor

In the first bowl game for the New Mexico State program in 57 years, the Aggies had just kicked a field goal and were up 3-0. Then they kicked off. Utah State took the kick back to take a 7-3 lead and take some life out of the massive Aggie crowd.

Then they kicked to Jason Huntley.

The speedster took the kickoff back 100 yards and helped rile up the fans, and the team, en route to an overtime victory and a huge victory for Coach Martin and the program.