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Underdog Pawdcast - AAC Draft Review and new NCAA Football Video Game

The P6 Conference had 18 players drafted, led by UCF with four, but it might be more important that we have a college football video game coming!

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

We are back with another edition of #JoeTalk to break down the latest AAC players to make it into the NFL. The conference had 18 players selected, two behind the Big 12, which further proves the conference is making the right move to push the P6 (1:20).

UCF led the conference with four picks, the same number of players drafted as Auburn, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas and USC, to name a few (5:30).

Before we get away from UCF, we touch on the recent addition of the championship banner and how it has college football fans still talking (6:00).

Courtland Sutton to the Broncos and Anthony Miller in Chicago are two of our favorite picks (7:25).

Offensive players dominated early on, but the later rounds saw mostly defensive players from the AAC (9:45).

Lamar Jackson wasn’t a G5 quarterback, but surely has caused a stir around Baltimore and the NFL (10:50).

Parry Nickerson to the Jets was the steal for Joe S., while Joe B. was surprised that two players from Temple not named Sean Chandler got drafted (13:45).

We highlight some notable undrafted free agents, including Quinton Flowers, Kyle Allen and Mike Boone (16:45), and Joe B. brings up a great point in that most of the first-round picks were multi-sport athletes (26:30).

We end the show discussing the new NCAA Football game that is set to be released in 2020, and whether or not it will force EA Sports to recreate the game as well (29:00).