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SMU Wide Receiver Courtland Sutton drafted by the Denver Broncos with the 40th pick in the NFL Draft.

From Mustang to Bronco, he will line up with another SMU Mustang Emmanuel Sanders

North Texas v SMU Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

SMU football has had quite the storied history. The program has had many moments of pride during the early to mid 80s. But has also seen awful moments where the death penalty was handed down to them in the latter part of the 80s. Throughout this programs 102 year football history, Courtland Sutton was the best receiver they have ever had. Today, Sutton was honored through his hard work and perseverance as the Denver Broncos drafted him with the 40th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Sutton was able to accomplish his dream of becoming a pro-football player through the skill sets that made him into the great receiver he is: patience and practice. According to 247, Sutton was a lightly offered, three-star, safety with some tight end experience out of Brenham, Texas. He was fielding offering from many G5 schools and even a couple P5 schools like Colorado. Yet the teams he was interested in did not feel the same way about him. Instead of taking the offer to go to Colorado, he stayed in his home state and signed with SMU. The plan being he would play some defensive back position for then coach June Jones.

Sutton immediately played out of high school as a wide receiver showing some flashes, but was injured. He received a medical red shirt watching his team and coach go down in flames. Even though he was a DB, he made the full transition to wide receiver in Chad Morris’ first year as head coach. The transition paid off and Morris utilized him to his fullest abilities. He solidified himself as the greatest Mustang receiver to date with almost 200 catches for over 3,000 yards, that were good for 32 touchdowns.

While Sutton definitely has to improve in areas like showing up against quality competition and utilizing his large 6’4’’ frame against smaller corners, he still is one of the best receivers in the draft. Thank you for all you have done for the program and congratulations Courtland!