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ULM gets some new threads for 2018

The Warhawks get a new logo and home jersey to rock this fall.

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Auburn
The Warhawks are going through a total rebrand as they transition to 2018.
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ULM had their annual spring game this past weekend as Matt Viator begins his third season as the head football coach in Monroe. But to everyone’s surprise, that was not the biggest story to come out of Malone Stadium.

Super Bowl winning head coach Doug Pederson was in town to visit his alma mater and watch his son participate in the scrimmage as a tight end. Pederson, who played quarterback for the Warhawks from 1988-90, was being honored with a ceremony called “2018 Kickoff with Doug Pederson”, which appears to be an event to help boom season ticket sales. It was here that we would see the big news.

To go with the fancy jerseys, ULM also made a change to the logo and launched a new hashtag #DefendTheNest to help generate some buzz for ULM’s home slate. The uniforms give off a very nice retro look and help build on some of the past looks this university has used. After seeing the new gear, Pederson said “To play college football here, to get a degree, and to see this right now is special.” These should help Viator and his staff on the recruiting trail.

This new logo will be on the helmet and appears to be an upgrade from the Warhawk that has been used for the past few seasons. With a ton of offensive talent returning, ULM seems poised for a breakthrough and we will see if the jerseys as well as Pederson speaking well about the program can get the fans fired up for the 2018 campaign.

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