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2018 NFL Draft Profile: Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis

From walk-on to NFL prospect, Anthony Miller’s fire can’t be extinguished

NCAA Football: American Athletic Conference Championship-Memphis at Central Florida Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Miller, Wide Receiver, Memphis Tigers

HEIGHT: 5’11”

WEIGHT: 190 pounds

BENCH PRESS: 22 reps

2017 STATS: 96 catches, 1,462 yards, 18 TD


STRENGTHS: If you learn nothing else about Anthony Miller, remember this: the man plays with heart. He’s earned everything he’s gotten, and that’s what makes him a great receiver and NFL prospect. The former walk-on has always been an underdog, and coming out of Memphis to the NFL as an underdog again is normal to him.

He just doesn’t care.

Miller’s fire and intensity were noticeable every Saturday, and he looked like he was on a mission to destroy his matchup. Don’t mistake that for sloppy play, though. Some players have that same intensity, but their technique and play are inconsistent. Not Miller. Miller doesn’t get jammed on the line. He makes a clean break against press coverage, and has a quick first step that allows him to create separation from his defender. His footwork and route running are also phenomenal, which gives him even more separation from whoever may be attempting to cover him.

Miller’s hands are arguably the best in this years draft. There isn’t a single pass that he can’t catch, and his desire to win shows in his attempts to go for any pass in his area. You would literally have to tackle him before the ball came before he would give up. Miller can track any ball at any level, and isn’t afraid of going anywhere on the field to make a catch. His ability to make one handed catches with ease is astonishing.

WEAKNESSES: I’m sure there are weaknesses in Miller’s game, but he makes up for any negative with effort. Some analysts say drops are a problem, but I don’t believe they will be in the NFL. The good outweighs the bad with Miller.


Anyone who has considered themselves an underdog should get familiar and cheer for Miller. Going from a walk-on to one of the best receiver prospects in the draft is a great story, and he’s earned it every step of the way. It’s not just that he works hard, it’s that he’s as talented as he is a hard worker. You want a player the competes with passion? Miller’s your guy. No question. Whichever team decided to call his name is getting a great player.