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Even Alabama’s Athletic Director can’t stop talking about UCF

His latest tweet throws shade at UCF for having a National Championship parade.

Central Florida v Temple Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Greg Byrne, Alabama’s Director of Athletics, threw shade at UCF after Bama’s women’s basketball team beat UCF in a WNIT game. Clearly in his tweet below, he’s referring to when UCF had a Disney parade after beating Auburn in the Peach Bowl.

NOTE: UCF also had a Disney parade after beating Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl. These are the perks of Disney being in the same town as your school.

It would have been pretty easy to let the folks at UCF do their thing, claim their title and move on from it. The thing is that no matter what happens, the mainstream media and others associated with Power 5 teams can’t keep UCF out of their mouths. Even March Madness has found a way to tie back to UCF’s National Championship claim.

You can say what you want. You can think UCF claiming a National Championship is the dumbest thing in the world. You can think it’s sad and embarrassing. Regardless of what you think, NOBODY can deny how genius it was from a marketing standpoint. Just take a look at the numbers below.

For those of you who continue to talk about UCF’s 2017 football season in an attempt to belittle the program and their fans, keep doing what you’re doing. All that’s coming from it is continued free exposure that the UCF brand wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Lastly, to address Greg Byrne, you don’t need to throw shade UCF’s way on Twitter. If you really want to shut up UCF, schedule a home-and-home with the Knights and settle it on the field. That is if you’re not too scared of falling to the Knights just like Auburn did.

Check out UCF Athletic Director Danny White’s all class response to Greg Byrne:

Stay classy Bama.