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2018 NFL Draft Q&A: FAU WR, Nate Terry

Nate Terry reminisces on his time at FAU and looks ahead for for the next step in his football career.

Miami v Florida Atlantic Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Underdog Dynasty spoke with FAU receiver Nate Terry. Terry was apart of a senior class that endured a lot of downs before bursting onto the scene in 2017 during Lane Kiffin’s first year with an 11-win season. Terry shares his thoughts on his favorite moments as an Owl, what it was like going through a head coaching change, and what he brings to the table as an NFL prospect.

Cyrus Smith: Take me through your recruiting process. How did you end up choosing FAU?

Nate Terry: I was recruited by FAU during my junior year when coach [Kerry] Dixon was the receivers coach and coach [Roger] Harriott was the tight end coach. They were very interested in me and me being a South Florida guy, I wanted to stay close to home and on my list of schools to go to FAU was on the top. When Partridge came he stuck with me.

Cyrus: You’re a two-sport athlete in basketball-football. What did you play first growing up?

Nate: Its funny because my first sport was actually baseball. Transitioning to high school, football was first. I knew one of the coaches on the basketball team had saw my height and told me to try out for basketball. I stuck with it for two years.

Cyrus: Throughout your time at FAU you were seen as a hybrid receiver due to your size and the fact you lined up at TE and WR. Was it like that for you at South Dade too?

Nate: Yeah, I was an in-between prospect there as well. I was a tight end, I flexed out at wide receiver, inside and outside, and in the slot to create mismatches.

Cyrus: Do you feel like that type of versatility could help you make the next step to the NFL?

Nate: I really do believe that. Just me knowing the knowledge of the tight end position and also knowing the inside and out (wide receiver position) gives me an edge at the next level knowing that I can do both. I can create mismatches with my height and also with my speed against linebackers at the next level.

Cyrus: Where were you when you first got the news that Charlie Partridge was going to be let go?

Nate: I was at the zoo. We got a text for a mandatory meeting. It was a big impact on us. We knew that we didn’t have a great season. We knew we were better then what our record had showed. It was sad to see a good person leave knowing that it was based on our performance. It was hard on us at first but we knew had to stick together as a family.

Cyrus: What was the vibe like on campus now that the team was winning?

Nate: It was a great vibe. It was great to see that Boca Raton was seeing what was going on. Just knowing that we set the bar for the next group of guys to keep it going so we can build Boca Raton up to be a college football town.

Cyrus: Before Kiffin arrived you were featured prominently as a receiver with seven career touchdown receptions. This season you saw your role diminished in comparison to previous seasons. What was that like?

Nate: It was hard on me as player and a person. I always thought that from my freshman year I would go in and work hard and keep going and keep grinding as a person... and just to see it go down my senior year was hard. But I still kept going. I did not waver and kept working hard and kept working on my craft.

Cyrus: What are the most memorable moments you have at FAU?

Nate: My freshman year against UTSA. When Quez [Jaquez Johnson] was quarterback he threw me my first catch and touchdown, and it was the game-winning touchdown too. My second memorable moment would be my second game-winning catch against UTEP. The excitement on the field and knowing that I got the job done for all my teammates was amazing. It was a great feeling to have with them and there was nothing like it.

Cyrus: How have you been preparing for the Pro Day?

Nate: I go down to Miami and workout. I work with a great trainer and he’s awesome. My hometown friend also hooks me up down there. I commute down there everyday and workout.

Cyrus: Do you classify yourself as a tight end or a receiver at the next level?

Nate: I classify myself as a receiver, but I could also be a receiving tight end.

Cyrus: What are your strengths and things that you can improve upon?

Nate: I’m very good with my hands. I catch the football very well. My size and frame creates mismatches against defenders. What I’m working to improve on is my quickness and agility.

Cyrus: Who do you mold your game after?

Nate: I look at Chad Johnson. I see him as a guy who has a big frame. A guy that moves around. Going out there and being a beast, knowing that the guy in front me is not going to stop me because I’m way bigger than him. I’m way taller than him. So I mold my game after him.

Cyrus: What is your favorite thing to do outside of football?

Nate: I love to go fishing and spend time with my family.

Cyrus: Being at FAU we have beaches all around us. Personally my favorite beach is Deerfield Beach. Who has the best beach? Delray Beach, Boca Raton, or Deerfield Beach?

Nate: I actually agree. I like Deerfield Beach a lot. I love Boca too because the beach is literally right there from campus, but I would say Deerfield Beach is the best.

Cyrus: Who has the best food: Swifty’s or Tom Sawyer?

Swifty’s is my go to spot. Bacon, egg, and cheese croissant. A lot of people don’t know, but man that place is great.

Cyrus: Now that you’re transitioning to a different phase in your life, what’ll be your lasting memory at FAU?

Nate: Our final game and the Conference Championship Game. Knowing that we came out with the win. Knowing that we beat all odds, all the projections for us, numbers, all that stuff. Just knowing that we were all on the field celebrating. Looking at the smiles on each and everybody’s face was just amazing. Nothing can beat that.

Buffalo v Florida Atlantic Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Thanks again to Nate Terry for taking the time to share his thoughts as an FAU Owl and how he’s preparing for the draft process. Terry is on the verge of graduating with a Sociology degree as he’s currently in his final semester at FAU. Terry will attend FAU’s Pro Day on March 27th.