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P6 Pick’em: Houston looks to bounce back

Cougars hope to get Ed Oliver back while Cincinnati squares off with USF.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Week

Temple (+4.5) at Houston—Saturday, 6:00pm CT

Temple was THIIISSS close to upsetting UCF. They certainly caught the Knights off guard, but it wasn’t enough to win the game. They still have a chance to win the East, but need some help. Houston’s offense played its worst game of the year, and their defense couldn’t help out. They were also without star Ed Oliver for the second consecutive game. His return could provide a spark, and they might need it against the Owls.

Michael: Houston 45 Temple 38

Joe B: Houston 42 Temple 28

Joe S: Houston 42 Temple 31

Eric: Houston 35 Temple 32

Rest of the AAC

Navy (+25.5) at #12 UCF—Saturday, 11:00am CT

We thought the Knights received their wake-up call against Memphis, but apparently they needed another one against Temple. All of this undefeated season talk has almost ended, and the defending national champions seem due for a loss. Navy started its third different quarterback when Zach Abey started last week, and who knows if it will be Abey, Garrett Lewis, or Malcolm Perry this week.

Michael: UCF 38 Navy 10

Joe B: UCF 35 Navy 14

Joe S: UCF 42 Navy 21

Eric: UCF 45 Navy 14

SMU (-19) at UConn— Saturday, 11:00am CT

UConn’s defense got back on schedule last week, and that’s not a good thing. Tulsa’s running game dominated the Huskies defense, and that should excite the Mustangs this week. Heck, Ben Hicks should be excited, and SMU should continue the momentum they gained last week against Houston.

Michael: SMU 52 UConn 7

Joe B: SMU 56 UConn 10

Joe S: SMU 48 UConn 21

Eric: SMU 28 UConn 7

Tulsa (+15.5) at Memphis— Saturday, 11:00am CT

This is a potential sneaky upset. Tulsa is better than their record indicates, and Memphis is inconsistent. Defense will take a holiday (again) for both teams, and it might come down to which combination of backs has more success. Darrell Henderson/Patrick Taylor Jr. vs. Shamari Brooks/Corey Taylor II should be entertaining.

Michael: Memphis 38 Tulsa 35

Joe B: Memphis 38 Tulsa 30

Joe S: Memphis 35 Tulsa 20

Eric: Memphis 39 Tulsa 22

ECU (+14) at Tulane— Saturday, 3:00pm CT

ECU had Memphis on the ropes, but couldn’t get a stop. Tulane took over early in an upset win over USF last week. ECU can’t seem to pull off a win against teams that are better than them, but the Green Wave could be the inconsistent team needed for that to happen this week.

Michael: Tulane 34 ECU 20

Joe B: ECU 28 Tulane 24

Joe S: Tulane 31 ECU 20

Eric: Tulane 21 ECU 17

USF (+14) at Cincinnati— Saturday, 6:00pm CT

Just because you have a good record, doesn’t mean you’re a good team. USF is finally figuring that out, but can play the role of spoiler this week. Cincinnati is looking to keep their AAC East title hopes alive, and can’t get to eager to face UCF.

Michael: Cincinnati 34 USF 28

Joe B: Cincinnati 31 USF 20

Joe S: Cincinnati 38 USF 21

Eric: Cincinnati 35 USF 21