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Charlotte withdraws offer for Mike Houston to become their head coach

Charlotte has pulled Mike Houston’s offer. What’s next for the 49ers?

Rice v Charlotte Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

Mike Houston is no longer a candidate for the Charlotte head coaching position. Charlotte’s AD Mike Hill has withdrawn the offer after the news broke that Houston was considering other opportunities, including the newly opened ECU job. Former Pirates head coach Scottie Montgomery was ousted on Thursday, and mutual interest has been rumored between Houston and ECU, leading to Charlotte’s decision to reopen their search.

Charlotte AD Mike Hill’s statement regarding the head coaching situation.

Earlier this week news broke that James Madison’s head coach Mike Houston would be taking the reins for the Charlotte 49ers. While JMU’s season is still alive, there was a mutual understanding that Houston would be the next head honcho in Charlotte.

Charlotte’s coaching search seemed to be reaching the closing stages, as the 49ers’ canceled all interviews for Wednesday morning, but things change fast in the world of collegiate sports.

The Charlotte job remains an intriguing position to many coaches. Expect the search to regain traction as early as today.

Reopening the search is the next step for Mike Hill and the Niners, and names attached to the head coaching vacancy include: Josh Gattis, Will Healy, Pep Hamilton, Jay Bateman, and Eddie Gran.