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AAC Power Rankings Week 6

The bottom of the conference is a mess.

NCAA Football: Southern Methodist at Central Florida Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

There are three tiers in this conference: the Top 5 teams, the inconsistent teams, and UConn. Having your own tier usually means a good thing, but in this case the Huskies are in trouble. It’s down to five teams for the conference title, and everyone else is trying to figure out their identities.

1. UCF (5-0)

No letdown game for the Knights against SMU. Now, they can focus on beating Memphis. Anyone else pumped for the rematch?

2. Cincinnati (6-0)

Michael Warren II continues to run over opposing defense, and the Bearcats are proving to be a factor in the AAC East.

3. USF (5-0)

Right now, the East is better than the West, no doubt about it. USF is right up there with Cincinnati and UCF.

4. Houston (4-1)

D’Eriq King won’t get the recognition of someone like Kyler Murray, but he certainly should. Houston may have struggled against Tulsa, but the difference was King. This would have been a loss last year.

5. Memphis (4-2)

There’s no doubt that Memphis has a long way to go, but they at least gave UCF something to think about with their 55-14 win over UConn. The Knights are going to have to stop Darrell Henderson and Patrick Taylor Jr. Memphis will need to find a way to do anything against UCF’s offense.

6. Temple (3-3)

This team might have fluctuated the most through the first half of the season, and this is the beginning of the list of team that we don’t understand.

7. Tulane (2-4)

How do you hold a team like Memphis to 24 points but give up 37 to Cincinnati? Tulane’s inconsistency is baffling.

8. SMU (2-4)

No shame in losing to the best team in the conference, but the Mustangs were hoping for a little more confidence coming out of this game.

9. Navy (2-3)

Man is the bottom of this conference bad. Navy’s struggles continue, and they got blown out by Air Force. Navy manage just 129 yards rushing in the game. We may have seen the last of Malcolm Perry, and might have entered the Garrett Lewis era at quarterback.

10. Tulsa (1-4)

Losing shouldn’t move you up a spot, but the Golden Hurricane did play Houston tough. At least they showed some fight, unlike the next team.

11. ECU (2-3)

Looking like the ECU of 2017, the Pirates got destroyed by Temple. Two field goals won’t win you many games no matter who you play.

12. UConn (1-5)

We’re running out of ways to describe UConn losses.