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Three things we learned from the AAC in Week 6

It wasn’t a fun week for defenses.

East Carolina v South Florida Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr./Getty Images

Holy points! With the exception of the usual suspects, the AAC lit up scoreboards this weekend. Running the ball continues to be helpful for a handful of teams, two of the best offenses continue to dominate, and one team isn’t getting the respect it deserves. What did we learn in Week 6? Find out here!

Jordan Cronkrite is a star in the making.

His year got off to a slow start, but Cronkrite’s season has taken off. The former Florida Gator tore apart the UMass defense Saturday, rushing for 302 yards and three touchdowns. USF’s offense exploded after struggling the previous two weeks, and let Cronkrite do most of the damage. He’s rushed for 567 yards and five touchdowns in the last three games, and gives the Bulls a homerun threat at running back. It’s unrealistic to assume he can continue at this pace, but we at least know that he’s capable of taking over a game.

Michael Warren II is the most underrated player in the conference.

While Cincinnati continues to be overlooked by nearly everyone, their running back does too. In a conference that includes the aforementioned Cronkrite and Memphis’ Darrell Henderson, Michael Warren II doesn’t get talked about enough. When Gerrid Doaks went down with an injury, he stepped in to be the steady hand in the Bearcats offense. Warren II has rushed for 664 yards and 11 touchdowns, both second to Henderson in the conference. Cincinnati became the first team in the AAC to become bowl eligible, but they don’t seem to be getting much respect yet. Warren II and his team will have to continue shocking this conference, but respect may not come their way until later in the season.

UCF-Memphis is going to be awesome again.

Last year, the Knights and Tigers combined for 170 points and 2,478 yards of offense in their two meetings. Offense and a lack of defense was the theme in 2017, and it could be the same this year as well. UCF and Memphis boast two of the best offenses in the country in yards per game and scoring, and their defenses don’t do a ton to help out. That means we could be in for another shootout when the Knights visit the Tigers Saturday. If you weren’t entertained by last year’s AAC Championship Game, then you don’t truly love college football. The rematch might be even better.