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SMU is blown out by UCF 48-20

The Mustangs could not keep up with UCF’s high octane offense.

NCAA Football: Southern Methodist at Central Florida Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The result came out as expected. SMU’s biggest goal going into the game was keeping up with the UCF offense. While that is a tall task for a team that is locked in on offense, it was the only way SMU had a chance of winning. Unfortunately for SMU fans, the offense really never got going.

First Half

UCF dominated from start to finish. William Brown was the starter heading out on the field. He led a great opening drive finding his favorite targets in James Proche and Braeden West. While he did fumble the ball, the Mustangs recovered it. The better news for SMU was the fact that they put points on the board, courtesy of a Kevin Robledo field goal.

After that though, UCF took over. The Knights responded with a quick nine play, three minute, drive that was capped off by an Adrian Killins 15 yards rushing touchdown. On SMU’s ensuing kickoff, James Proche coughed up the ball that SMU would not recover this time. The Knights would immediately take advantage and score as McKenzie Milton hit Dredrick Snelson for a 14 yard touchdown pass. For good measure, UCF would tack on one more score to make it 21-3 before a cold spell came on.

The cold spell hit hard as both teams struggled to get anything going. Both teams had their share of miscues and punts. SMU punted twice and turned the ball over on downs to UCF. It is also worth noting after the second punt that Brown was benched in favor of Ben Hicks. On the other side, UCF punted the ball twice and Milton through an interception.

Illogically, that somehow started a scoring spree before the end of the half. The Patrick Nelson interception of Milton gave the Mustangs exceptional field position. Hicks would then find James Proche for a five yard touchdown pass and get SMU a tad closer.

However, UCF would not sit around and do nothing. The kicker, Matthew Wright, was able to kick two field goals from 45 and 34 yards out. At the end of the first half, it was clear who was the better team. UCF was up 27-10.

Second Half

UCF continued to dominate as they opened the second half with an immediate touchdown from Trysten Hill scoring on a 4th and goal play. SMU would respond, but not the way fans would hope for. Instead of getting seven points, Hicks led a good drive that led to a 21 yard field goal from Robledo.

UCF would effectively end any possibility of a comeback by scoring touchdowns on two of their next three drives. While this was happening, the Mustangs continued to turn the ball over on downs.

However, the Mustangs did end off on a good note. Williams Brown led a great drive at the end of the game that went 16 plays, and 80 yards long, that was capped off by a Brown to Proche touchdown pass.

Other Notes

  1. What the heck do we make of SMU’s quarterback situation? I personally think that Sonny Dykes has completely mishandled it. If Hicks or Brown is the guy, stick with him. This constantly rotating out quarterbacks does absolutely nothing for either of their confidence. Additionally, Brown has now played in five games this season. Unless a freak accident happens where the NCAA feels bad enough for Brown, he is not going to get a redshirt. Dykes should have stuck with one player or the other. This in between stuff has real implications for both players.
  2. James Proche is a stud. We already knew that, but putting up over 100 receiving yards against a tough team proves he is still the number one player on this team.
  3. SMU defense actually was decent. Yes, if we look at the point total, UCF clobbered them. But the Mustangs were able to get UCF into a mini cold spell and cause a turnover. If SMU had last year’s offense with Courtland Sutton and Trey Quinn, the game would have been at least close.