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P6 Pick’em: Cincinnati plays for bowl eligibility

SMU gets to prove their worth, while the Bearcats look to clinch a bowl berth and a 6-0 record.

NCAA Football: Cincinnati at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Week

USF (-15) at UMass— Saturday, 2:30pm CT

If anyone has doubts about the Bulls after the last two weeks, they will be skeptical about this one. USF struggled against Illinios and ECU the last two weeks, and they will face the most explosive offense they’ve seen thus far. Quarterback Andrew Ford and wide receiver Andy Isabella will give the Bulls secondary fits if they don’t prepare well. USF is out to prove that they can control a good offense, and show that the last two weeks weren’t the norm for their own offense. If the Minutemen offense gets going, USF could be in trouble.

Michael: USF 34 UMass 24

Joe B: UMass 38 USF 33

Eric: USF 42 UMass 21

Joe S: USF 38 UMass 24

Rest of the AAC

Tulsa (+18.5) at Houston— Thursday, 7:00pm CT

Tulsa has given Houston trouble the last two years, and it will come down to how well the Cougars can defend a struggling Golden Hurricane offense. Mark D’Onofrio’s track record isn’t promising, but the offense will at least give him a cushion.

Michael: Houston 52 Tulsa 34

Joe B: Houston 42 Tulsa 20

Eric: Houston 38 Tulsa 17

Joe S: Houston 45 Tulsa 20

Tulane (+7.5) at Cincinnati— Saturday, 2:30pm CT

Cincinnati can clinch bowl eligibility with a win at home, which is way earlier than anyone anticipated. Jonathan Banks and the Green Wave will be looking to postpone that goal, while building on their win against Memphis last week.

Michael: Cincinnati 28 Tulane 24

Joe B: Cincinnati 30 Tulane 27

Eric: Cincinnati 27 Tulane 17

Joe S: Cincinnati 34 Tulane 24

ECU (+10) at Temple— Saturday, 11:00am CT

Did anyone think that ECU would have a better record than Temple coming into this game? On top of that, did anyone think they had a chance in this one? Things can change quickly, and the Owls suddenly have a close game on their hands.

Michael: Temple 31 ECU 21

Joe B: Temple 24 ECU 21

Eric: Temple 24 ECU 21

Joe S: Temple 28 ECU 20

Navy (-3) at Air Force— Saturday, 2:30pm CT

Is Malcolm Perry the starter at quarterback? Can he bounce back? If he can, Navy will be successful. If he can’t, Garrett Lewis and Zach Abey will be asked to step in again. Air Force may be 1-3, but their three losses have come by a combined 19 points.

Michael: Navy 30 Air Force 17

Joe B: Navy 27 Air Force 23

Eric: Navy 28 Air Force 25

Joe S: Navy 31 Air Force 20

SMU (+24) at #12 UCF— Saturday, 6:00pm CT

We may have seen the last of Ben Hicks, and the beginning of the William Brown era. McKenzie Milton and the Knights will look to remind fans why they are the best in the conference. This will be our first glimpse of what SMU will be in this conference, and their defense better come ready to play.

Michael: UCF 45 SMU 24

Joe B: UCF 49 SMU 31

Eric: UCF 56 SMU 21

Joe S: UCF 56 SMU 28

UConn (+35.5) at Memphis— Saturday, 6:00pm CT

An focused and determined Memphis offense goes against a Huskies defense that’s giving up 660+ yards and 53.4 points per game. That adds up to a serious blowout. Darrell Henderson might rush for 300 yards.

Michael: Memphis 56 UConn 10

Joe B: Memphis 70 UConn 14

Eric: Memphis 60 UConn 21

Joe S: Memphis 63 UConn 14