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Troll the P5 and protest the Playoff with 2017 UCF National Champs t-shirts

You know the National Championship is real when it’s time to print the shirts.

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After UCF defeated Auburn to win the 2017 Peach Bowl to secure their first perfect season in school history the discussion immediately shifted towards UCF’s lack of inclusion into the College Football Playoff.

While the power brokers in college football prevented UCF a chance to crash the Playoff, it doesn’t mean the Knights didn’t end up winning the 2017 National Championship anyway. The win over Auburn, a team that defeated both of the teams in the CFP and was just a win away from appearing in the Playoff themselves, gives the Knights a legitimate claim that they are this year’s 2017 National Champs.

In our eyes, they are! So buy your 2017 National Champs shirts here! The shirts are $25 and available from small to 3XL. Considering how historic the achievement is not just for UCF, but for the Group of 5, the price is a bargain.

The shirts not only recognize who the champs are this year, but they also troll the Power 5 and their make believe National Championship Game.

If you love G5 football, you should not only avoid watching the consolation game, but you should buy the UCF 2017 National Champs t-shirt as a reminder that the underdogs will always have their day. And on January 1st in the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, they did.

UCF is your 2017 National Champion!