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UCF Knights: The Most Talked About Team Around the SEC

28 days after UCF defeated Auburn, the Knights are still triggering SEC fans, players and media.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - UCF v Auburn Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You would think that a mighty powerhouse like Alabama wouldn’t be concerned with what little ol’ UCF is doing to promote their undefeated season. To the contrary, UCF’s national championship claim has completely triggered fans, players and media alike. Lets break down some of the tweets I’ve been seeing.

Alabama DL Isaiah Buggs tweeted out that he didn’t know there could be 2 national champions in college football. Now that you mention it, 6 of Alabama’s championships have been shared with other schools. Not only that but in 1964, there were 3 recognized national champions including Buggs’ alma mater.

UCF Punter Mac Loudermilk said it best. The Knights can show Alabama RB Damien Harris their division championship trophy, their conference championship trophy or their rivalry game trophy. None of which Alabama was able to obtain this season.

While we’re on the topic, UCF’s national championship trophy will probably look just like Alabama’s trophies from 1934 and 1941. Alabama claimed national championships those seasons despite the NCAA records only showing Minnesota.

Here’s another one I got a kick out of. UCF would love nothing more than to schedule a home and home with Alabama. The fact of the matter is schools like Alabama won’t schedule the top Group of 5 teams in fear it might ruin their playoff chances. It’s much easier for them to schedule a team like Mercer to guarantee a win.

This tweet sums it up perfectly. 28 Days after UCF beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl, the SEC media is STILL talking about the Knights. They could ignore it and let UCF do their thing but instead, they’re giving the Knights all the free exposure they could ask for. Danny White essentially trolled the entire SEC and they fed right into it.

The reality is if UCF never pulled this genius marketing stunt, everyone would have forgotten about the Knights and their undefeated season by now. Instead, UCF continues to be the main topic of discussion all across the board.


Do you agree with UCF’s national championship claim?

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    Yes, but it’s time to let it go.
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    No, it was dumb to begin with.
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