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College Football Playoff committee remains tone deaf, adding members with no current ties to the G5

Six new members are joining the committee and none have ties to the Group of Five.

College Football Playoff Announces The College Football Playoff Selection Committee - News Conference Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The College Football Playoff committee announced six new additions to the selection committee today. The lucky individuals who will choose next year’s four-team playoff are Paola Boivin (award-winning sports journalist), Joe Castiglione (Oklahoma Athletic Director), Ken Hatfield (former head coach), Ronnie Lott (USC Athletic Director), Todd Stansbury (Georgia Tech Athletic Director) and Scott Stricklin (Florida Athletic Director).

After egregiously ranking UCF throughout the College Football Playoff rankings, and then having to eat crow when UCF defeated Auburn in the Peach Bowl, there was some hope that Bill Hancock, the Executive Director of the College Football Playoff, would add more representation for the Group of Five to make sure those programs don’t continue to receive unfair treatment.

Nope. Instead what we received was more of the same.

If you needed another indication that the College Football Playoff will never feature a G5 team here you go. A year in which it was obvious that some changes were needed to the committee, we received zilch.

Despite having more than a few worthy candidates to choose from - would have loved it if UCF AD Danny White or WKU AD Todd Stewart joined the committee - Hancock stuck his hand into his deep pockets and picked a new “representative” for each P5 conference except the Big Ten to join the committee in 2018.

The biggest criticism the committee faced in 2018 was how they ranked UCF. Expect those cries to only get louder as G5 teams should continue to expect unfair treatment from the committee going forward.