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Want to coach at Western Kentucky? Here’s how you can.

The Tops are looking for student volunteer assistant coaches.

Louisiana Tech v Western Kentucky

In his final presser of the year, Western Kentucky head coach Mike Sanford Jr. hinted that the coaching staff may need to be reassessed following a 6-7 record in his first season at the helm.

Some thought this would mean some shuffling of the full-time position coaches. However, it looks like Sanford is looking to add eight student volunteer assistant coaches to his staff.

As it says in the tweet, the staff is looking to add four offensive assistants and four defensive assistants. WKU students that want to be offensive coaches, send your resume and cover letter to offensive graduate assistant Matthew Mitchell ( If you want to coach defense, send those materials to defensive tackles graduate assistant Kenny Martin (

I want to be snarky and wonder why first priority isn’t figuring out a plan with the full-time staff because when your rushing offense is the worst in FBS, something needs to change. But this is genuinely a good opportunity out there for sport administration students looking to get in to coaching. There’s several examples of coaches across all sports who have started off as volunteer assistants and worked into high profile jobs. Just look at guys like Brad Stevens, who’s now the head coach of the Celtics.

Best of luck to all that apply. I’m sure a slew of kids have already replied to the listing with clips of themselves playing Madden.