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Around the Dog Park: Underdogs catch the eyes of NFL scouts

Recapping bowl seasons on our podcasts.. Inspecting the fallout of NMSU’s bowl win.. Teams start to finalize their coaching staffs for 2018.

NCAA Football: Arizona Bowl-New Mexico State vs Utah State Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

General G5

  • Several Underdogs made ESPN’s list of the top performers during bowl games.
  • There’s a big change to college football on the horizon as coaching staffs petition to allow freshmen to play in up to four games while still retaining their fifth year of eligibility.
  • Our staff voted on awards for our best writers/editors/podcasters.
  • USA Today assigned letter grades to all teams in FBS.
  • The Vegas Golden Knights are in a trademark battle with Army over the rights to use the mascot name.



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