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Why isn’t Navy ranked?

Year after year Navy racks up wins and starts the next season unranked. It just doesn’t make much sense.

NCAA Football: Navy at Florida Atlantic Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Every season it seems as if many have to ask this question at the beginning of the year. The Navy Midshipmen always seem to be railroaded when it comes to being ranked at the start of the season.

I am fully well aware that they didn’t finish the season too strong last year, losing three consecutive games, but they finished with a 9-5 record (7-1 in the American Athletic Conference). With a program like the Texas Longhorns, who finished the 2016 season 5-7 and lost to the Maryland Terrapins to open the season, it is truly a wonder as to how they were ranked in the top 25 and not the Midshipmen.

After defeating the Florida Atlantic Owls 42-19 on Friday night/Saturday morning, the Midshipmen have once again shown their dominance in the triple option offense. Navy was able to accumulate 526 total yards, 416 of those coming from their rushing attack. Altogether, they had five rushing touchdowns between Zach Abey, Joshua Walker and Tre Walker.

Also lost in the fray was Abey’s passing game. Despite having completion percentage of a measly 30%, Abey made every single one of his passes count. Running the play action, Abey constantly made deep passes to three of his receivers. Tyler Carmona, Darryl Bonner and Craig Scott all caught deep passes from Abey, the longest coming on a 56-yard strike to Carmona. Abey also hit Bonner on a 39-yard touchdown pass.

It’s understood that Florida Atlantic may not be the best competition for Navy, but it shows that the Midshipmen can dominate and win the games that they are supposed to.

Maybe in a few weeks and after a few more wins, Navy will be ranked. Until then, Navy is going to have to claw their way past a group of teams that don’t deserve to be ahead of them in the first place.

Just give the Midshipmen a chance, and their rightful place in the Top 25.