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Middle Tennessee released new uniforms and the’re pretty good

It’s a simple look from Nike but a clean one.

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Just last week, Middle Tennessee opened up its fall camp in a season full of expectations. One thing you have come to expect from Middle as of late is solid uniforms and 2017 is no different.

Overall fan reactions to these new uniforms have been positive and I am right there with them.

The whole idea behind the 2017 uniform was to simplify the uniform and let the school colors dominate the uniform with accents to keep it interesting and bold. I really like that aspect of the uniform and it’s a good change of pace from the uniforms that the Blue Raiders had worn from the last three years.

Middle Tennessee was in desperate need for a change and in a sport so saturated with crazy and outlandish uniforms, I think MT made the right decision by taking a step back and keeping it simple.

Similar to the the past, look for these jerseys and pants to be used in different combinations every single game this season. Getting the combinations right with these uniforms are crucial to making these uniforms as sick as I think they can be.

But in general, I think these uniforms are something Blue Raider fans can get excited about and really be proud of!