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Conference USA Football Hashtags, Ranked

What’s that random assortment of letters at the end of your teams tweets? Underdog Dynasty offers this handy guide.

NCAA Football: Southern Mississippi at Marshall Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

As we get closer to the 2017 college football season, you’re going to be seeing a lot of accounts popping up in your Twitter timeline that may have been dormant for a while. And depending on who your team’s scheduled against, you’re going to be seeing a lot of unfamiliar hashtags.

And so, for Conference USA fans (or just football fans scheduled against them), we’ve rounded up all the C-USA football hashtags in one easy-to-scroll article. And then we’ve ranked them, because this is the internet.

C-USA West

7) Rice (none)

We scrolled through @RiceFootball and didn’t find any consistent hashtag attached to the impending football season. There’s nothing wrong with that, just coming to games and cheering on your team is enough, but it puts you dead last on our arbitrary list of hashtag creativity. Sorry, Owls.

6) Southern Miss - #SMTTT

Appearing most frequently over the last month via @SouthernMissFB, I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of feedback after this article is published on what “SMTTT” means. Well, if you have to explain it, how good a hashtag is it, really? Nothing to be bent out of shape about, Southern Miss, you’ll still finish near the top of the standings.

5) UTEP - #WeAreMiners

Yes you are. Best to keep that one on Twitter, you don’t want to be shouting that at a football stadium, the opposing team could get confused on whether or not you’re over 18. To be fair, @UTEPFB is not verified, and the only verified account we could find was @UTEPAthletics, which does tweet #WeAreMiners but has #MinerStrong in the bio. Miners are indeed strong. But not as strong as when they’re old enough to vote.

4) North Texas - #GMG

Is this one intuitive to non-UNT fans? I’d think “Go Mean Green” should be easier to figure out, especially when the Twitter handle is @MeanGreenFB, but it’s not obvious to non-fans. Still, we like the simplicity, a good hashtag should be short and to the point, and leave enough spare characters for trash-talking.

3) UAB - #theReturn

This is a hashtag to get excited about, as we’re revved to see the Blazers take the field again. It’s a reminder that the team is back, and overcame the odds to get there, and we can feel the excitement radiating out of @UAB_FB. Still, it’s a hashtag you can only use for one season. Gives them time to think about the future, though, no?

2) Louisiana Tech - #EverLoyalBe

It’s good to be loyal. It’s less good to use a hashtag that’s twelve characters long, thirteen with the space. This hashtag is unique to the list, in that it’s a line taken from the school’s alma mater, but this seems like a hashtag one of your rivals could easily steal, Bulldogs. Or else sign you a QB named Ben and start using #EverLoyalBen? It’s good to have adaptability, is what we’re saying. Also it’s good to watch @LATechFB for updates on the new press box going up at the stadium, which looks fantastic.

1) UTSA - #BirdsUp

Simple. To the point. Not a lot of characters used. Easy to remember, and doesn’t make a lick of sense. Birds up? Like in the sky? On the scoreboard? We’re not sure, but it’s the simplicity that sells it. Hook ‘Em Horns. Roll Tide. Birds Up. Slap that on a t-shirt and sell it on the Riverwalk, @UTSAFTBL

C-USA East

7) FAU - #OwlIn

We see what you’re trying to do there, but... no. It doesn’t appear as much in their Twitter timeline as any of the other school hashtags on this list, so we appreciate the effort, but maybe @FAU_Football should have taken a page from Rice and just gone with nothing.

6) Old Dominion - #ODUFB / #Monarchs

There wasn’t really a consistent team hashtag used this past summer on @ODUFootball, nor anything in their bio. These two were simple and to the point, but not very creative. It’s okay, Monarchs, we still love ya. You’re relatively new to the conference and finished second place in your division last year, so the last thing on your minds should be a hashtag.

5) FIU - #PawsUp

Having a hard time with this one, if an animals paws are up, isn’t it dead? Is it being held up at gunpoint? Playing with a piece of string? Still, it’s a reminder that your mascot is a cat, so you’ve got that going for you, @FIUFootball.

4) Charlotte - #RockSolid

This one doesn’t seem Charlotte-specific, but it’s in the @Charlotte49erFB bio so that makes it official, we guess? Not sure what that has to do with football, though if 49ers are miners doesn’t that mean you want the rock to be softer? Too many questions here.

3) Middle Tennessee - #TrueBlue

We love the MTSU twitter because it’s to the point. Even the handle, @MT_FB, doesn’t waste time (or characters). Their mascot is indeed the Blue Raider, and their team color is indeed blue. Can’t argue with this one.

2) WKU - #GoTops

Going back to what we said about keeping it simple. Plus it has the word “Go” in it, which always seems so inherently... sports. Still, couldn’t you work a little more of the team mascot in there? Giving your nickname a nickname, @WKUFootball... not so sure about that.

1) Marshall - #OneHerd

This one has everything. It has the name of the mascot. It’s short and to the point. AND it’s fun to say. ONE HERD. That’s good, @HerdFB, because two herds would be a crowd. Ya heard?